WH1080 WeatherStation with arduino and WeeWX

WH1080 Weather station mounted on roof

The Fine Offset WH1080 Weather Station (available at Clas OhlsonMaplin Electronics and numerous other places) is a low-cost, easy to use wireless weather station that transmits data over
868Mhz and can easily be decoded using an RFM12B chip and an Arduino.

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How to enable VERP for incoming mail delivery on Cpanel/WHM

Running software which handles bulk mailing such as the CiviCRM CiviMail component requires bounce processing if you don’t want your server to become blacklisted.  The preferred way to do this is using VERP handling (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_envelope_return_path)

In CiviMail setup a bounce processing mailbox with username “bounce” and localpart “bounce+”.  Note you could use any username that you have created a mailbox for but the localpart must match it or the bounced email will not be sent to that user. Continue reading “How to enable VERP for incoming mail delivery on Cpanel/WHM”