Cross compile openzwave control panel for armhf (Raspberry Pi) using Docker

This post describes how to build openzwave control panel for the armhf architecture using a docker image and qemu on a amd64 linux desktop (debian stretch).  Once built the ozwcp.tar.gz can be extracted and run on an armhf based system (eg. Raspberry Pi).

Install Docker

apt-get install apparmor apparmor-utils qemu-user-static wget

Download and run the docker image

Download armhf debian (see

sudo docker pull mattwire/ozwcp_build_armhf_debian


Now run the image:

docker run -v /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static:/usr/bin/qemu-arm-static -i -t mattwire/ozwcp_build_armhf_debian /bin/bash

Docker Image (for reference)

The Docker image mattwire/ozwcp_build_armhf_debian is based on the mazzolino/armhf-debian image with the following changes:

cd /root

apt-get install subversion vim build-essential autoconf libtool texinfo libudev-dev pkg-config git libgnutls-dev

git clone

git clone

svn checkout libmicrohttpd

Building openzwave-control-panel

INSTALL libmicrohttpd

To compile the libmicrohttpd dependency:

apt-get install libmicrohttpd-dev

Build open-zwave

To compile the open-zwave library upon which openzwave-control-panel depends:


Build openzwave-control-panel

Finally we can compile the openzwave-control-panel itself.  But first we need to make some changes to the Makefile:

Uncomment the three linux lines and change the LIBZWAVE path to match the below:

 OPENZWAVE := ../open-zwave
LIBZWAVE := $(wildcard $(OPENZWAVE)/*.a)

Now we are ready to build:


ln -s ../open-zwave/config config

make dist

Distributing and running

Make a note of the docker container ID (on the command line eg. 40617da12600) and exit the container (type exit).


sudo docker cp 40617da12600:/root/openzwave-control-panel/ozwcp.tar.gz .

You now have a file ozwcp.tar.gz.  Copy this to your armhf device (eg. odroid), extract it to a specific directory and run (you could choose any port):

./ozwcp -p 8000

Open a web-browser and navigate to http://my-server:8000 and you should get something similar to the following (once you’ve entered your device (eg. /dev/zwave):
OpenZwave Control Panel screenshot


A pre-compiled version can be downloaded from ozwcp.tar.gz.

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