WH1080 WeatherStation with arduino and WeeWX

WH1080 Weather station mounted on roof

The Fine Offset WH1080 Weather Station (available at Clas OhlsonMaplin Electronics and numerous other places) is a low-cost, easy to use wireless weather station that transmits data over
868Mhz and can easily be decoded using an RFM12B chip and an Arduino.

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Monitoring an APC UPS with node-red and MQTT

apc cs500 upsIntroduction

APC sell a decent range of USB connected Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) such as the CS500 and BE700G.  These are supported by the linux utility apcupsd for control and monitoring.

This post explains how to monitor these UPS devices using Node-Red to obtain and publish data using MQTT.  It assumes you already have a working Node-Red install.

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Cross compile openzwave control panel for armhf (Raspberry Pi) using Docker

This post describes how to build openzwave control panel for the armhf architecture using a docker image and qemu on a amd64 linux desktop (debian stretch).  Once built the ozwcp.tar.gz can be extracted and run on an armhf based system (eg. Raspberry Pi).

Install Docker

apt-get install docker.io apparmor apparmor-utils qemu-user-static wget

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Modifying CUL firmware to increase send limit for eq3 MAX! heating thermostats

MAX-HeizkoerperthermostatPlus-640040d2Updated November 2016 to completely remove credits handling so there is no restriction on transmission

I’ve recently purchased 10 of the eq3 MAX! central heating thermostats (TRV replacements) as well as 3 shutter contacts and 2 eco switches from conrad electronics. I also bought the MAX! cube but then decided to use a CUL device from busware.de to control them using FHEM because this allows for easier interaction with them and use of the eco switches directly. Continue reading “Modifying CUL firmware to increase send limit for eq3 MAX! heating thermostats”